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    Gourmet Strawberries

    World specialist in breeding F1-hybrid strawberry seeds for fresh market and ornamental use.

    On our consumer website www.hollandstrawberryhouse.com you can find other interesting strawberry information.
  • Delizz brings delicious strawberries at home

    Delizz® brings delicious strawberries at home

    Red fruits are ready to pick. Delizz can give you at least 4 weeks of delicious fruit close to a window in full sunlight. Delizz is an ideal gift for somebody you love.

  • Delizzimo® Feel the Summer Breeze


    Feel the Summer Breeze

    Modern consumers want to enjoy strawberries with full flavor, as early as possible in the season. A very early crop with F1 hybrid Delizzimo® and assimilation lighting provides opportunities to meet this demand.

    Information on strawberry Delizzimo®
  • Summer Breeze Rose

    Summer Breeze Rose

    A sensation in ornamental strawberry plants with its rose-like double flowers in an eye-catching deep rose colour and its delicious sweet strawberries.

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