Beltran * F1

Hanging Basket Series
Early Flowering and Continuous Production

This vigorous plant produces abundant aromatic fruit throughout whole summer.
'Beltran' is a nice addition to your hanging basket assortment.


Sowing of strawberry 'Beltran' is equal to strawberry 'Roman': same large seedling.
Production time for plugs of 'Beltran' very much comparable with 'Roman'.

Culture for finished product

Plants are vigorous and somewhat compact with mid green leaves and few runners.
These characteristics make 'Beltran' very sourable for hanging basket culture.
Early flowering means even a few days earlier than 'Roman'
Big, semi-double white flowers on somewhat long flower trusses make 'Beltran' a real seller!
'Beltran' is better free flowering than 'Elan'.

Fruit characteristics

Conical fruit shape, middle sized, with deep red colour.
Fruit taste resembles to 'Elan'.

Advices for cultural practice

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