Score points with 'Estavana'

ABZ Seeds' assortment for the Fresh Market was already expanded in

December with strawberry F1 'Soraya' and now the new strawberry F1 'Estavana' has been added.

This strong, everbearing variety has been specially developed for summer outdoor gutter cultivation. Due to the good productivity in combination with the attractive yet firm fruits, this strawberry is very well suitable for retail.

Outdoor gutter cultivation

The F1 hybrid strawberry varieties are extensively tested by means of cultivation trials before they come onto the market. This involves looking at the best cultivation method and also at developments in the market. F1 'Estavana' is best suited for outdoor gutter cultivation in Summer. Sales via Retail are a good possibility.

The vigorous yet compact plant can withstand the summer heat as we experience it nowadays. The long trusses and strong flowering ensure on the gutter-system that F1 'Estavana' produces beautiful, large and long-lasting strawberries during the entire harvest period.

Left: Summer strawberry 'Estavana' on the outdoor gutter at ABZ Seeds

Score points with 'Estavana'

Characteristics of F1 'Estavana' are: a strong, vigorous plant with a high yield of tasty, juicy strawberries. With this, the new variety has achieved its goal of supplying tasty, long-life strawberries to retail. With a strong bearer like F1 'Estavana' every grower can 'score points' easily!

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