Profile Strawberry F1-hybrids

All our strawberry varieties are seed propagated F1-hybrids. They belong to the large fruited strawberry species
Fragaria x ananassa Duch.

Perfect seed quality
One gram of seed contains 1600 - 2200 seeds.
The seed can be sown by machine or by hand.
After 4 - 7 days seed starts to germinate.
For professionnal market wij deliver our seeds with a germination rate higher than 90% (Germ 90+).
From sowing date seedlings are ready to be pricked out in final trays after 4 - 5 weeks.

Minimum risk of disease transmission
Seed offers a better guarantee for disease free plants at the start of the culture.

Vigorous and healthy plants
The F1-hybrid nature of our varieties will result in vigorous and healthy plants.

From sowing to harvest: 3 - 5 months
Seedlings develop unhampered into productive plants; harvest will start 3 - 5 months after sowing the seed.

Fruit with flavour
In our breeding programme we pay a lot of attention to the flavour of the fruit.

Day neutral: long harvest season
The day-neutral character of our varieties means that harvest will continue as long as growing circumstances remain favourable. Even in an annual cultrure yields are very acceptable.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland